Wednesday, 4 September 2013

What Social media can do for you.


Digital Marketing Class

Are you active on social media or have you set up business  pages for visual appeal. Many people are always on social networks and at relevant times it would not hurt you to interact with them through these platforms. Our society is flooded with Smartphone users and these people spend half their lives online and  express themselves on social media. Tracking their online presence will help you to segment and send them relevant promotional material for your business. So go on share your posts and get busy networking. To learn how to utilize social media, enroll for the digital marketing course now at:

Getting Digital with BrandSchool!

July Digital Marketing Class 2013
Companies are realizing the significance of using digital platforms to reach and study their market. They see the cost saving opportunities that come with digital marketing campaigns, that is why the likes of FNB and MTN send their employees to BrandSchool to take the digital marketing course. The course began on February 2013; it runs for five days and is very insightful for anyone looking to use digital resources to grow their market. It is also useful for people seeking to strengthen their online presence professionally.
I came in with limited experience in the matter and have learned so much about PPC campaigns and Google Analytics tracking systems. Do yourself a favor and enroll for the course because there is much more to gain for your business in the long run, visit for more info.